It’s actually pretty easy for a luxury car to be bad. It’s true that luxury sedans and crossovers are nice to drive, but owning one can be a little different. The more you pay for something, the more you expect out of it. So if your Chevrolet Cruze’s infotainment screen freezes, you’ll be upset but perhaps a bit understanding. But if a $90,000 SUV has issues with its in-car tech, there’s a good chance you’ll feel ripped off. And you’ll  probably be very mad about it. The same is true if the driving experience isn’t what you thought it would be, or if the quality of the materials used is subpar, etc.

Today we’re going to go over what we think are some of the worst luxury cars on sale today. Some of these should be avoided due to reliability issues, whereas others are overpriced or just downright bad. Look away, luxury car fans – lest your feelings be hurt.


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